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            Welcome to join Yu Fang Electric Co., Ltd., and we are committed to the cause of trade, you have to join, we can more optimistic about the future

            Company since its inception, the spirit of "to do fine, and stronger, bigger, the idea of" innovation, excellence, a name "in Yueqing, Zhejiang, the electric international are set sail。

            Yu Fang praised the "virtue first, have both ability and political integrity, is people, the value proposition of performance priority". On the moral understanding, Yu believes that integrity and pragmatic, hard work, mind the most important. The best understanding of the Yu party believe that thought, dare to play, good innovation, nurtures the most important. Yu Fang believes that performance is the only standard of personnel evaluation, adhere to the performance contributions of the personnel appointment. For those who can not only achieve excellent individual performance, but also can lead the team to create outstanding performance talent, Yu Fang will push them to become party leader Yu。