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            The new situation and new tasks, we call progress, to reach new heights. Let us in the Corporation, the correct guidance and leadership to political enthusiasm, exert to the mental state and provided very realistic scientific attitude, unity of thinking, dedication, close cooperation, work together, forge ahead, do solid work, full of confidence to meet the challenge of the new, new world。

            The sea with its broad, cosmopolitan and into its vast; vigorous hill with thick, calendar vicissitudes for. It is on a hill like ocean and vigorous extensive common, lean leadership concern, let colleagues (or social) coattails, (or colleagues) support, uphold the integrity, pragmatic, dedicated, innovative spirit, has made the brilliant industry leader.
            Looking back on the past, full of joy; looking forward to the future, the confidence of a hundred times. We would like to mountain like simple, like the sea wide, make friends all over the world, more willing to and friends heart be printed, the sentiment department, palmistry pull, side by side toward the motherland dazzling brilliance of the Ming Dynasty!